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5 Things to Do During Layover AT Reno-Tahoe International Airport

By Sara Branson, Posted on 03 Jan, 2024 at 02:25 pm

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5 Things to Do During Layover AT Reno-Tahoe International Airport

Reno-Tahoe International Airport, which is tucked away in the heart of the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains, is more than simply a temporary stopover; it's a doorway to unplanned encounters and experiences. Feel free to relax when you encounter a layover at Reno International Airport. In this article we have a list of five appealing things, including Reno airport hotels, to make your stopover an unforgettable experience. 


Visit to Art Galleries  

Reno-Tahoe International Airport adopts a distinctive cultural character that enthralls passengers while they wait. This goes beyond the airport's function as an interchange point. Selected exhibits display an extensive variety of artistic creations, from lively pictures that capture the spirit of the region to dynamic sculptures that encourage enthusiasm. The airport journey is redefined by these displays that showcase skills from regional as well as global artists. Visitors are urged to take part, reflect, and establish a connection with the fleeting essence of travel through these spontaneously artistic interactions. Exploring these galleries is one of the fun things to do in Reno because of the airport’s dedication to integrating art with transportation, where guests can have a quick but meaningful break that leaves them with a distinctive artistic impression before they continue to their destination.  


Foodie Heaven  

Reno International Airport transforms from an interchange for travelers to a gourmet paradise, inviting individuals to explore a Delicious Flavor Route through its checkpoints. This culinary journey begins with an assortment of restaurants that go beyond standard airport cuisine. Savor the tasty treats of the area, where an explosion of multiple ethnic flavors blends with farm-to-table purity. The airport's culinary offerings, which range from gourmet desserts to homemade sandwiches, reflect the rich and varied taste that distinguishes the Reno-Tahoe experience. Your layover becomes a flavorful excursion as each mouthful becomes a voyage, providing not only nourishment but also knowledge of the local foodie personality.  



The gaming machines are always ready and waiting, being among the fun things to do in Reno, so feel free to make a pit stop at any time. Just grab a drink from the Taphouse, maybe even a pretzel for the road, and get those lucky fingers spinning. Who knows, today might be the day Lady Luck decides to smile at you! So, if you're over 21, why not add a touch of Reno's iconic gambling thrill to your airport wait?



The Reno Airport shopping experience is a real game-changer. You thought airports were just for delayed flights and overpriced snacks, right? Well, not here! They’ve got everything from local souvenirs to high-end boutiques. Forgot something? No worries! Grab what you need on the fly. Or maybe spoil yourself with a pre-flight treat.


Photography Expedition At Reno  

Turn your layover into a photographic journey at Reno by embarking on a photo safari. Take in the unique architecture of the airport, which combines the harmony of modern elegance and practicality. Step beyond the gates and take in the surrounding Nevada's scenery, which is an artwork of snow-capped peaks and breathtaking views. There are countless opportunities to capture moments of your trip in compelled frames thanks to the lively environment of the airport, which is alive with the fleeting spirit of travel. Your layover will become a gallery of unforgettable moments with every click, recording the fleeting adventure and crafting a visual story that goes beyond the ordinary.  


Hotel Nearby - The SureStay Plus Hotel

The SureStay Plus Hotel is just three kilometers from the Reno-Sparks Convention Center and provides a complimentary airport shuttle between the hotel and Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The SureStay Plus Hotel, a haven of relaxation, integrates flawlessly with the bustling atmosphere of Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The hotel offers comprehensive conveniences and a modern, comfortable design. Whether utilized for work or play, every space provides a relaxing environment. Enjoy a delicious restaurant, a refreshing pool, and a fitness facility in addition to coziness, it is among the best Reno airport hotels for the price it offers.

So, these were the best things to do in Reno during your stopover, ranging from distinctive art venues to gastronomic adventures and a little glimpse of the western frontier. Now, you know what to do during a boring layover!

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